I am absolutely positively sure

  I am beyond pondering if I am stuck in the matrix. I secretly think everyone on Miranda survived and the happy gas didn’t make Reavers and I am the only one not in on their fake happy cult. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY !!!! DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR ABOUND, and I just am unclear on how to keep […]

So an unlikely writing challenge for me

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AewGF-KdvpWzTiRfuQSvdnA8utYeRpIZZj1B41j6C-pQnZso9miq9LY/visual-search/?x=0&y=108&w=376&h=502 As I am not very religious anymore (if I get one year without having to attend a funeral then I can go back to church) So I am just jumping in on Day 14 because it corresponds to the date I am writing this. Since I am working on my inner zen, why not […]