This post was better before my computer lost it.

How my hair ended up coming out. Summer Plans/Goals – Read 50 books Be well enough to resume light cardio, easy hiking, some biking, and swimming To have a home traction unit by the end of August Find a way to choreograph a guard routine w/ baton, hoop, rifle, & ribbon wand Memorize 5 guitar […]

Jumping straight on into it all…again.

Well the big cooking plan failed, BUT it totally wasn’t all my fault. I managed to catch all the various illnesses going around where I work. It was a rough couple of weeks. I did make a bland tomato vegetable soup in the slow cooker. It was healthy. It was bland. It was what I […]

The Plan

And I am not referring to the horrible BSG movie. God I wish that show hadn’t crapped the big one. I almost threw a wine glass at the TV. Man, was that a nasty hangover (starbuck/apollo 4evah) Here’s the example of my post work plan to be productive with my days. Yes, I actually schedule […]