When someone

The least equipped or able or even interested or stable IS HAVING ANOTHER KID… And you are sitting here educated, prepared, and consoling yourself with carbs because again it isnt you. OTHER people can honestly say that they have ovulated more than twice (hey I was told that chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage was a good sign […]

Damn Infertility

I want to name a kid after a Star Wars  (Expanded Universe) character. In the days before my hopes are dashed for another month, I let myself indulge in a daydream of what spousal unit and I would name our spawn. So after reading this today: and So my current favorite boy name is Airen […]

Things have been thumbs down lately.

I put off getting adjustments of medication I need to live and function so now I am dealing with the repercussions of my life choices. Basically, didn’t want to deal with any sudden side effects and missing work. Again. Now I am stick for the umpeenth time. Not related to the other issues, but not making […]

How I Cook -Sunday Breakfast Edition

So I am not fat because of a love of sweets (except for riesling). I am fat because I love carbs and my body doesn’t process them correctly. Sandwiches are what make me fat. Turkey subs. Fast food breakfast sandwiches. (all of which potatoes go well with) I had tried for a time to keep other […]