When someone

The least equipped or able or even interested or stable IS HAVING ANOTHER KID… And you are sitting here educated, prepared, and consoling yourself with carbs because again it isnt you. OTHER people can honestly say that they have ovulated more than twice (hey I was told that chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage was a good sign […]

Jumping straight on into it all…again.

Well the big cooking plan failed, BUT it totally wasn’t all my fault. I managed to catch all the various illnesses going around where I work. It was a rough couple of weeks. I did make a bland tomato vegetable soup in the slow cooker. It was healthy. It was bland. It was what I […]

Summer Vaca Part 1 Late June/Early July

Visited a going out of business K-Mart. Visited Smokey the Bear Historical Park. Played piccolo on the back of a flat bed truck Hung up patriotic lights aplenty in my bay window. Visited the Roswell NM UFO museum. Went to the site of the Lincoln County Wars.