When someone

The least equipped or able or even interested or stable IS HAVING ANOTHER KID… And you are sitting here educated, prepared, and consoling yourself with carbs because again it isnt you. OTHER people can honestly say that they have ovulated more than twice (hey I was told that chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage was a good sign […]

I expect Chris Christie to always be an a$$….

BUT NH….. I expected better of you  “We’re asking the Legislature to repeal a law that’s been on the books for over a century, that’s been working without difficulty, on the basis of a request from a minor doing a Girl Scout project,” scoffed one state representative, David Bates. In March the Republican-led House voted to kill the […]

End of the Year Music Teacher Checklist – Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room

http://www.mrsmiraclesmusicroom.com/2017/05/end-of-year-checklist.html?m=1 THIS POST IS THE BEST SUMMARY OF MY JOB DUTIES FROM MAY 30-JUNE 24 °Also if anyone has any suggestions of music for piccolo, flute, eflat clarinet, bflat clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, oboe, f horn, cornet, pocket trumpet, alto horn, trumpet, bflat flugelhorn, tc tube, drumset, marching quads, piano, […]

7 Signs That You Should Find a New Physical Therapist

https://www.verywell.com/signs-you-should-find-a-new-physical-therapist-2696678 I feel like I am a magnet for finding the worst of the worst of this field. Anyone got a rec for acupuncturists or chiropractors……I need someone I can pay to be on time, not yell my info across the room, not dismiss me screaming in pain, and not treat me like a criminal […]