As promised.

So things weren’t going so well before, but hey they can always get worse. We all know that patience is a virtue that I lack. It is also known that I am a klutz of the greatest proportions. I missed and stabbed myself in the hand trying to open a package. Was I using the […]


Genetics. Just how it is for me.  And toss in an antibiotic that makes it worse has just been like a scary glimpse into my future. Students have been awesome helpful and are even more large and enthusiastic group than last year But to that lady on the amazon prime  yoga video, no I dont […]

I am absolutely positively sure

  I am beyond pondering if I am stuck in the matrix. I secretly think everyone on Miranda survived and the happy gas didn’t make Reavers and I am the only one not in on their fake happy cult. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY !!!! DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR ABOUND, and I just am unclear on how to keep […]