Jewelry, Grief, Self Anguish, and Living Again.

Ok, now if you don’t know me well you need to start out with some basic facts of my life. My life has bursts of tragic episodes. I get asked when I need bereavement days, again, if I am serious. My life went along fabulous. Great grades, great family, great health, great success. Perfect. It […]

Sick and Oh So Done

I don’t know if people thought I was a crazy person while I was out and about in the world today. I don’t have pneumonia (THANK THE DIETY OF YOUR CHOICE) so I am not contagious folks. So here’s the mental image for ya: Starring ME: Wearing a red long john shirt, an amusement park […]

Things have been thumbs down lately.

I put off getting adjustments of¬†medication I need to live and function so now I am dealing with the repercussions of my life choices. Basically, didn’t want to deal with any sudden side effects and missing work. Again. Now I am stick for the umpeenth time. Not related to the other issues, but not making […]