This post was better before my computer lost it. How my hair ended up coming out.

Summer Plans/Goals –
Read 50 books
Be well enough to resume light cardio, easy hiking, some biking, and swimming
To have a home traction unit by the end of August
Find a way to choreograph a guard routine w/ baton, hoop, rifle, & ribbon wand
Memorize 5 guitar chords that can be used in a concert key in band
Visit friends and family
Play nicely along when my therapist wants to analyze my distrust of people
Organize the closets (again)
Clean out the old tupper-ware and put away the new glass storage containers
To not cave and watch the final 1/2 season of Teen Wolf unless Derek shows up
Learn to sew a bit better
Start my stress relief crafting projects
Detail my car myself
Make and follow through with all my other doctors I haven’t had time to see
Edit and correct my Ancestry family tree


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