Best laid plans

So my menu FOR Memorial day got shifted a bit. Ended up doing the shopping last minte late at night when I was in horrific cervical pain and spousal unit was a tad buzzed. Basically we left with meat for us and tomatoes for the guinea pig and nothing else.  

So I improvised a few things with what we already had on hand. 

SALAD – mustard greens and kale with spicy shredded cheese

CHICKEN MARINADE: 1/4 of a cup A1 tabasco steak sauce, garlic chipotle hot sauce, 2 dashes of honey mustard, and 4 single serving Wendys/McDonalds BBQ sauce packets

VEGGIES: corn on the cob (guinea pig had already eaten the husks)

ON GRILL Ribs, hot dogs, 2 different kinds of hot and spicy sausages, & bacon cheddar stuffed burgers

DESERT packaged red white and blue bakery items. 

PARTY ITSELF: Weather was good in the morning. Didnt’t hold through the day. Got some help getting my violets moved to their planters. Was wonderful to see all the critters in the yard. Got some free firewood from the neighbors. Chatted with friends and family. Called it an early night and watched Harry Potter 7 alternating heat and ice packs.
SPOILER: my fave moment was the 2 glasses of wine I had for breakfast
PLEASE take a moment today to thank those who serve that we might be free and that others might have hope. Please say a prayer for those who have suffered injury or death in the line of duty. 


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