Me and Phones 

The only phones I have managed to not break were iphones 1-4. Those suckers are still working and in use as ipods for my classes. 

They just dont make things like they used to. I even have a flipphone that still works. 
After the debacle of my iphone 5….well i hated that phone immediately. Even when it worked it was the item that drove me away from all apple products. 

Anyway, after that finally croaked the spousal unit selected a phone for me. The samsung s6 active. Supposedly unbreakable. A year later I drop it and it is dead as a doornail. 
Now I have a new phone in a super tough otter box case with a high quality screen protector. 

Less than 2 months of ownership….and i need those addons replaced. 
So cell phone makers, I need a phone that can survive a bubble bath, many drops on un-carpeted floors, can serve as a tv remote when I cant find those, streams to any and all devices with no regards to brand, has a battery that lasts a week, and again doesnt need to be wrapped up in a clunky case. That is all. 


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