Sick and Oh So Done

I don’t know if people thought I was a crazy person while I was out and about in the world today. I don’t have pneumonia (THANK THE DIETY OF YOUR CHOICE) so I am not contagious folks.

So here’s the mental image for ya:

Starring ME: Wearing a red long john shirt, an amusement park hoodie, red Phillies pj pants, and brown crock slippers. Freshly showered, so YEAH no smell! Hair unwashed because I was just too lightheaded and in pain in that region for that to happen. All good and fine, except that I had put this oil treatment in my hair that needed to be washed out like oh 2 days ago. So I am winning the greasy hair olympics.

8:10: Go to Urgent Care. See the doctor there who usually sees me during my summer sinus infection. We catch up. My sinuses are draining through the tube in my ear or something. His cats are doing well…etc etc

9:00 Go to grocery story pharmacy. Find out they have no idea what the rx is. Like the pharmacist hasn’t heard of it. Um, it’s the antibiotic I’ve taken since 5th grade for severe sinus infections. I consider it a miracle drug. (In their defense, it is a higher tier antibiotic and they were super nice)

9:25 Have sorted out that drugstore chain across the street has antibiotic. Drive over there. Am told they are running behind. Beg nicely. Hubby has horrible probs getting his rx at this place but they were super nice. I am feeling good about the human race. Get drugs. Run (and remember I am recovering from a sprained ankle still, run is a relative term here. I also used my expired handicapped placard to make this faster. Don’t hate me.)

9:50 Pull into drive way at house HUBBY IS AWAKE TO HELP ME !!!!! (him waking up on time is a rare occurrence) We are able to drop fat cat into his carrier on the first try. Hubby loads him into car. I shove (I mean push in lovingly) young cat who usually loves the carrier but is just not game on for this. Get her loaded in car. Adjust everyone’s safety straps (what, you don’t buckle your pet it. Kids today can’t ride in a seat normal until they are married and you let the carrier just be all willy nilly back there, that I judge)

10:25 Fill out paperwork I had already filled out and forgotten at home for the new vet. Because of course I did.

11:00 Discover that carrying 30 pounds of cats up a flight of stairs is no fun. Give younger cat a butt bath in the sink since she sat in poop in her carrier (see my friends who think my childless ways mean I never have to deal with sh!t, how wrong you are.)

What an exciting morning. Did I mention the Dunkin Donuts by me is closed for renovations??? I so needed an orange juice coolatta this morning.

Stay well everyone, and remember to use nasal spray and to not just relay on decongestants. If you have green snot, it’s no fun for everyone.

Life is better when your sinuses are clean, when your arteries are clean, and when your digestive tract is clean.   —–James Altucher


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