Don’t mess with my SO

So hubby went to the store yesterday to get me the necessary items to try to survive one of my sinus infections.

Since you are treated like a minor criminal to get such medications, he had to get in the pharmacy line. Which has one counter.

The gentleman in front of him needs the pharmacy tech to call his doctor to get his RX (his doctor’s office answers the phone??!!….but I digress) WHO DOES THIS!

Knowing he has a whiny suffering wife at home, hubby waits and waits.

At the store checkout, hubby gets in line. Gentleman from pharmacy comes up behind him and asks “Hey can I go ahead of you, I’M IN A RUSH”

My man’s response was “No, and in the future remember when you make other people wait they will make you wait too.”


Startled silence.

I am so proud of my man.



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