(please note only in movies can a human being stop a runaway vehicle)

So if you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram I guess I should pass along my latest foot related misfortune.

I tried to stop my car from sliding out of my driveway and got dragged hanging out the drivers side open door.

My right ankle is re-sprained. My insurance won’t pay for more crutches. But thankfully I saved the air cast from last time and 1 working crutch.

Now I just need to remember which side you use the lone crutch on in these situations.

I don’t want pity. My usual klutziness sucks but this time I acted on adrenaline and am lucky I didn’t hurt myself or others.

There is a much longer story as to why I was distracted. Short version, I could see through a window that the cats had gotten into the guinea pig room and was in a panic.

The snowbank from the freshly shoveled driveway of the church across the street stopped the momentum. All I kept thinking about was how that poor church just fixed the damage from the last car that hit it.

Just another day in the klutzy dumbass life that I lead.


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