Jumping straight on into it all…again.

Well the big cooking plan failed, BUT it totally wasn’t all my fault. I managed to catch all the various illnesses going around where I work. It was a rough couple of weeks. I did make a bland tomato vegetable soup in the slow cooker. It was healthy. It was bland. It was what I needed at the time. My spousal unit even took some to work, where he added Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco sauce.

The house organization from outright chaos project is underway. In addition to reorganizing both of our clothes drawers and closets, I also tackled the bathroom shelving. The final piece of furniture for the living room renovation that was started 2 years has now been ordered.

I am cooking gluten free and low sugar blackberry & raspberry oatmeal in the crock pot over night. From being sick, I really got hooked on sodas and Gatorade. So, I have some berry infused water chilling to start weaning myself off that stuff (I have a ginger ale in my hand right now)

For lunches, just to give myself a break, are Healthy Choice & Campbells microwaveable soups. I successfully trained myself off of my saltines addiction back in 2011. While not healthy, they do provide me with convenience and the hot food I crave.

Immediate concerns, going to bed early tonight so 5am dish washing is slightly tolerable.

—-Funny story, I love love love the make-up remover wipes you get at the Holiday Inn Express. When I was organizing the storage baskets in the bathroom and sorting items into their appropriate ziplock baggies….I discovered the wipes that I thought were the NEW AND IMPROVED HIE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES…..in actuality were shoe cleaning wipes. Explains why my face felt seriously clean.

After work tomorrow is a some kind of home spa pampering interlude and some flute practice.

I have a work thing on Saturday, but I would like to try to get the Valentine’s lights up, the loft re-arranged into my crafting setup, and wrap up just some bits and pieces I couldn’t find spaces for. If I can find a drill and if it has charge I might try to make bedside charging stations out of a few decorative boxes I have.

Hey……if it ever stops raining and we get a snow day, I could also re-teach myself to sew and fix the hole in my Star Trek backpack.  So, it’s nice to dream.



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