10 New Holiday Memories

Those of you who read this blog and who know me well IRL, know that I hate Christmas and the holidays. I associate them with pain, death, and sadness for true and personal reasons. I also work in a profession that make it my busiest time of the year. Oh yeah, and to my anxiety meds prescribing professional, no I don’t think I’ll just buck up.

But anyhoo……

I do for those around me both personally and professional try to find enjoyment in it all, though I would rather have a blanket over my head and my fingers stuck in my ears.

And to shock even my most cyncial self, I found enjoyment and contentment during this most recent holiday season.

10. We avoided 2 idiot drivers, 1 about to squash us tracker trailer, and a suicidal Bambi so that I was able to keep my promise to my fur babies to return to them.

9. The double charging of the Amazon Prime subscription was caught in time. Might have to break up with them, 2 of the gifts I ordered for family were late even paying extra for 1 day shipping.

8. Finding gifts for family that I think they all enjoyed. Spent quality time with them too.

7. Followed the advice of a previous and better shrink, and took my late mother’s Christmas decorations (beads, bows etc) that were bought way back at Hill’s Dept. Store and decorated the pine tree in our front lawn.

6. Was witness to a multi-cultural variation of the traditional Christmas Eve pageant at a church.

5. Was a guest at a swearing in of a judge, which was really much more like a roast. Also, was able to see some kids all grown up that I had baby sat for back in 1995. They turned out great.

4. Sat in a section that began with the #1 for a SU bball game at the Dome.

3. Discovered that napping with a plethera of stuffed animal Christmas bears is a little bit like floating on a cloud.

2. Sat at center ice, behind the penalty box, at one of the craziest hockey games I’ve seen in recent memory (WHAT WAS CONACHER THINKING TAKING THAT PENATLY IN OT)

  1. That having a bulldog as a pillow, a bulldog as a footrest, and a bulldog as a blanket is awesome. Until your family teases you that you snore worse than the dogs.

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