Thank you to everyone for the cards and internet well wishes. After just finishing up one of my busiest times of year in my professional life, it was awesome to feel so loved.


The birthday weekend started off with dropping my car off for $2000 of repairs. YAY ME.

Then the spousal unit and I had had a nice night in. Wine was consumed. Good talks were had. I found the dark mood I had been in lifting a substantial bit.

SATURDAY! Began with screaming at a basketball game on TV and having some unhealthy foods (so tasty! BIRTHDAY!)

Then off to the birthday party…..

I offically suck at the following things

My best games were

I did not hit the jackpot on this one though I had researched its tricks online


Hubby hit it big on this game a couple of times


We managed to have enough winnings to get a Samsung gear….

Great birthday, Great Friends, Great Family. Looking forward to seeing 2016 in the rear view mirror (when my car is running again)


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