From Pinterest only a month behind already

Found this on Pinterest and looks like it was intended to be done in October. Well, oopsie. I can guarantee I still have a calendar on October somewhere so here goes:


  1. My husband. We really aren’t into spending time with other people people.
  2.  Well if she hadn’t been so sick I would have hugged a new friend today.
  3.  Musical
  4. I’m feeling a bit of my improved mood slipped away and feeling rather drained about being so busy.
  5. In shocking news, I was actually the listener today.
  6. I have no idea, but my car will be on E again soon I guess I will figure it out then.
  7. Expecting to not be thrown under the bus and disrespected.
  8. Any comic book in the foot high pile next to my bed.
  9. My mistake was caring too much.
  10. Pistacchios and true crime books
  11. To inspire
  12. Perfectly fine
  13. No one needs to know about my finances. Cost of living is not easily explained. I mean to some people it would sound like a lot but it really is nothing. I am better off than I used to be. And thankful for that
  14. A bench for the dining room table so I stop running into that damn chair trying to find my car keys every morning.
  15. 7:10 I have cats
  16. When I let out a huge fart in my car and the other person in the parking lot heard it from a distance and looked at me.
  17. None, I was pretty lazy and gave myself the pep talk about how things are going to change.
  18. 15 minutes talking to someone
  19. Organized
  20. As a flute player, I meet many talented flute players who kick my butt. And actually practice
  21. more hours/time in a day
  22. Cat purring
  23. Positive memories
  24. a 4 day work week
  25. When I tripped on the stairs and sprained my damn ankle again 2 months ago
  26.  To win the lottery and be free of the grind
  27. Today was chill so like 20-30
  28. Star Trek Beyond with the new 4K blu-ray and sound system
  29. Working to live not living to work. Except not entirely true.

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