How I Cook -Sunday Breakfast Edition

So I am not fat because of a love of sweets (except for riesling). I am fat because I love carbs and my body doesn’t process them correctly.

Sandwiches are what make me fat. Turkey subs. Fast food breakfast sandwiches. (all of which potatoes go well with)

I had tried for a time to keep other options in the house to keep me from ordering or making a run to get what I craved (bagel thins etc)

Well, that stuff like most things I buy has ended up in the dark recesses of the freezer.

This morning I woke up sooo hungry. I played a long challenging concert last night and skipped dinner. There were so many baked goods at the event but I was a good girl.

But I didn’t want to have to put on pants and bra……

While what I made is not super healthy or GF or lactose free (my stomach will hate me later) I did finally pull off making breakfast for the first time in a while. AND I did not spend more money other than the original purchases.

Flutiegirlie’s too lazy to go out Sunday breakfast:

Take old coffee in pot, dump over ice, pour in sugar free mocha syrup. Ta Da—not remotely close to Dunks iced coffee but still tasty enough to get me functioning.

Open freezer:

Take out the freezer burned whole grain english muffins and turkey sausage.

English muffins into toaster over, sausage into pan. Turn all on high

Go sit outside on patio with coffee watching leaves fall until the kitchen has filled with smoke.

Slice some cheese log that was bought for Thanksgiving on sale. Open all windows.

Toss items on sandwich. Eat. Say a prayer of thanks that the smoke alarms haven’t gone off. Take blood sugar medication and make a mental note where the immodium is for later.

Must go now, cat is making a break to steal my food.


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