Halloween Fail

So, Halloween is a pretty big deal in this household. I mean we got married on Halloween sooo…

When we moved to this neighborhood, I was really excited to get lot of trick or treaters. The old apartment had off and on trick or treaters. If I bought candy no one showed up, if I didn’t buy candy I was tossing slim fast bars into kids’ bags hoping they didn’t notice.

I hang up lights and outside decorations. I buy candy. I bought lights to shine on the deocorations. I bought candles to light up the driveway. I sat out in a lawn chair and froze my butt of off in a pumpkin decorated blanket.

The church across the street has donuts and a haunted house. People bypass me to get to that. Every year I try. Every year the church offers me cider because they feel bad.

This year. The lights I bought didn’t work. The wind blew my candles out.

I have to admit defeat. Never again.

The next morning, I had a great laugh. I left the final bucket of candy on the front step after I gave up and went to bed. Some kid opened a piece of candy, and tossed it back in. Dude, I don’t care if you take the bowl but come on spitting something back in. Gross.

Just adding insult to injury.

Next year, I will sit in my nice warm house with the lights off. I am sure like 40 kids will ring the doorbell. Maybe I’ll buy toothbrushes.



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