Lazy Butt Cooking

So if you are one of the loyal souls who still follow me on twitter, you know that I pin recipes like crazy. In reality, I never cook. I want to cook. But after an action packed and constantly unpredictable day at work, I just never have the energy to do it. So we eat alot of takeout in this household which is not healthy for us. Or the backyard animals who enjoy the leftovers.

  • squirrels – love all kinds of fries and pizza crust
  • skunks – love pasta
  • chipmunks – have developed an affinty for jalapeno poppers
  • birds – chips of any kind even if they are too heavy to fly with
  • possum – nacho dip or whatever the other animals haven’t finished

I put out some kale and some chard yesterday for them to even out their diet. Our senior cavy has decided she only eats orange and red veggies currently. So I thought it was only fair that if we were going to attempt to eat better (spouse wants McDonalds) that they should give it a shot too. So far they aren’t interested. (spouse still wants McDonalds)

For breakfast, we are both having smoothies. I usually put more greens in mine but I am trying to ease spouse into this gently. He is still revolting against the almond milk so that is presenting a challenge.

Spouse’s smoothie:

  • 1 piece of broccoli
  • frozen cherries
  • frozen strawberries
  • a Dannon greek banana strawberry yogurt

My smoothie:

  • 1 piece of broccoli
  • frozen cherries
  • frozen strawberries
  • almond milk
  • single serving of peanut butter

The real perplexing thing in all this is that I couldn’t find the supplements I usually add to smoothies. I assume at some point spouse or I cleaned the kitchen and put them some place logical. You know like in the pots and pans cabinet or something. Who knows.

Dinner —- Now I save tons of recipes as previously stated. Then never cook them. I either forget to buy all the ingredients or the chicken breasts end up in the back of the freezer to be found way in the future. I really only cook when the pantry closet is getting overloaded with stuff I have bought and not used. (a goal for the future kitchen reno is a larger storage area) So, I grab what ever is up front and dump in crock pot and hope for the best.

Tonight’s dinner: Because only in my world does it make sense to pin a whole collection of chili recipes when it is so simple and easy to do without even blinking.


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