Today’s truth

As I woke up and burst into tears this morning…..



I will never be the person I was in 1997 and before. My life took a completely different course. Sometimes I resent that. I feel that I am doing better accepting myself now and being proud of all that I have accomplished.


I not a research scientist. I have no awards or tangibile credits to my name. I didn’t marry who I had planned to. I don’t have my mother to criticize my new sunset colored hair. And I miss that.


I do have a great family, that is there for me. I have a fantastic husband who dotes on me. I have a job that I am so good at and is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

I am a person who hates the grammar error in the quote pictured. I am a person who can’t sleep without medication. I am person who hates people. I am a person who cannot stand to have items not symmetrical in her house. I am a person who loves her pets like children.

I might not be the cheerful & kind person that so many people tell me I used to be. But I am me, the me who I become because of 1998. The person I was before that is often a stranger. Photos and memories that seem to belong to someone else.

But I am the person who didn’t drop out of college. The person who stayed alive to get through it all.  I am the person who found a new normal and has made a life for herself. A person who will never forget the past but lives in the present.



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