Freaking Klutzy

Let’s review something. I am klutz. I walk into furniture that has been in the same location for years. I get interrogated by medical staff if I am being abused. In the past 2 years, I have sprained an ankle (fall on different stairs) and broken a toe (dropped a book shelf on it). A few years before that, I bruised a rib with no memory of how (trampoline park, office chair into desk, bad yoga pose?) The 3rd year students I teach have never not seen me with crutches or a walking boot on.

Got my first pedicure in a long time. Had even enjoyed wearing heeled sandals again. I mean they hurt, but they were so much nicer looking than the collection of Payless clearance sneakers I had been rocking for so long.

Then Monday morning, I miss a stair on the steps in the lower part of our house.  Yup, sprained an ankle again. Bruised my knee in the fall. Thankfully I did not DAMAGE the ligament repair in that ankle…..because

Back in the 90’s I sprained that ankle and let it get so bad it had to be surgically repaired (dumb)

Also, it is absolutely impossible to do my job without walking. The bass drums don’t move themselves. The saxes can’t be beamed to  the other building. These injuries have really been a hassle.

I am feeling a little down today about it. I think I will spend my evening looking for a new house with no stairs.



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