Anxiety Weekend Musings

So, being awoken in the middle of the night by someone needing to go to the hospital is not a common occurrence in my life, but it has happened before.

This weekend’s events have reminded me of times when friends and other loved ones needed help.

I went out early this morning to carb splurge on donuts and to get the injured hubby a smoothie he could swallow.

First song I hear on the radio, is

Done, back to the crying and irrational mess I was after we got home from the ER.

That is the first song I heard on March 9th, 1999. As I was in my car heading to my hometown from my college job because my boyfriend was in the hospital. He passed away the next day.

So today I am back to hovering next to my husband tapping him occasionally because I need to know he is still alive.

It’s a habit I came into our marriage with. He gets my brand of crazy and accepts it as a part of me.

But my heart hurts right now, and I am feeling frazzled. I am throwing myself into Netflix and doing school work online to try to get re-centered.


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