Of skunks and fails OH MY

Well, first week back at school for me is in the books. Absolutely insanely busy getting 2 classrooms set up and tracking down just my 2 grades of existing students. Next week, will begin the month long insanity of getting a new group of kids signed up and processing field trip sign ups for the other kids.

My best fail of the week and an example of how much I am not a morning person. (According to the health app on my phone, I should be going to bed at 7:20 pm in relation to the time I need to get up for work. I wouldn’t even see my husband on that schedule, so that ends up being 1130 instead)

So I get up one morning and make coffee. Awesome, fresh coffee instead of the iced coffee in the can I have been drinking. Go into bathroom to brush teeth and am thinking in my head how great it is that I got up and already emptied the dishwasher. Because, see, the coffee pot was in the dishwasher. Scream. Run back to kitchen where my freshly brewed coffee (smells like heaven) is spraying all over the counter tops. Because the coffee pot is still in the aforementioned dishwasher with the clean dishes I have NOT put away yet.

Clean up, and drink the one cup that could be saved even though it is kinda chewy. (Side note, see this is where I miss summer vacation. The milk was blocked in the fridge by tequila. If this had happened in July I just would have grabbed some frozen strawberries and made a morning cocktail in the blender.)

Onto my husband’s fail of the week. Our back patio used to be raised up and made an awesome home for a local family of skunks. That patio has since been replaced and now we have a level patio. Which means our backyard stinkers can come up and walk right by you. I’ve tried blocking with plants but sometimes they are ambitious little critters. Hubby is sitting outside having a beer and watching baseball on his iPad. Skunk comes out from under table, scares the beejebus out of him. He tries to back away, trips over patio furniture, and gouges his chin to the bone. 9 stitches and 6 hours in the ER later, we are all home resting now.


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