Health Stuggles

I had a whole witty paragraph in my head but now that thought has escaped me.

I am always fighting to stay ahead of what crazy thing is wrong with my body now. This year, I dealt with the crazy foot cyst. Last year, I dealt with an ankle sprain and incompetent PT’s.

In positive news, I adjusted my diet and exercise slightly and finally got my Tachycardia under control. That long plaguing me condition also faded due to me finally seeking treatment for my raging anxiety disorder. I had no idea my brain’s constant running was not how everyone lived. So jealous of y’all.

As I am approaching 40, I prepare to accept that my body was made to me a cat mommy and nothing else.

I made a bad decision and lowered myself off of my insulin resistance medicine. With my autoimmune disease this means my body likes to make insulin and then ignore it. This makes me hungry and fat. But I continued to work on accepting myself as was and letting go of the past.

Well, turns out my added exercise and making small changes in my diet wasn’t enough. Because well, I love bread and things that go crunch. Now my A1C is elevated badly and I am dreading the lecture from my doctor on Monday.

Last time I seriously dropped weight, I lived on skinless cucumbers and hummus. It was not pleasant and is not sustainable in the long run or obviously I wouldn’t be in this mess.

I’ve cut my beloved wine consumption and really am just feeling so discouraged. Like a gross failure.

Topping off this lovely week, I am also doing genetic testing for BRCA and other mutations.

So, be kind to yourself. Be kind to others, cause you never know what is going on.


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