I am Free… Holy Hell!


Well, my friends, this is it. My kids are in camp… like allllll morning, allllll week long. Holy shit, I can’t believe it. It has only been like an hour since I dropped the boys off at bible camp and Emily at ballet camp but oh my goodness what a feeling.

Here isa list of things I have done since they have been dropped off in these last two days:

1) I may have ran through the church lobby screaming ‘I’m free!’

2) I dropped off Emily and a little piece of me was sad because she is my baby girl. But then I grabbed a hold of myself and sped away with a giant grin on my face.

3) I watched Good Morning America in real time and drank a cup of coffee.

4) I went to the bathroom, with… wait for it… the door wide open.

5) I…

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