sleep more sleep and some sleep

slept like 14 hours thursday
night slept about 8 in 2 four hour shifts last night

am feeling a bit down. I am letting work play with my brain a bit and am burning through money that I shouldn’t.

Anxiety level has come down from the pinnacle of it’s elevated point over the week when everything went to hell with my foot.

I was out a couple of days and am just annoyed at my ability to get caught up. Which is hard when I have no attention span and keep putting new things on my plate.

The home stretch is so far away and my overworrying about several worst case scenarios with my foot is undoing any progress I have made.

Plus it was just a depressing month heading towards a crazy busy part of the year.

Not sure how to organize myself better. I really like coming up with new things and since I have the attention span of a gnat that is kinda how my teaching style rolls.

Today I need to see how the exercise bike feels on my foot. Also maybe do some online course work

I might do some more vague complaining here later too.


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